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Sarrabus, a journey through the local wineries and the flavors of traditional food

Sarrabus is a territory rich in culinary tradition. A tradition that starts from afar, from the first settlements of modern man, who to provide for his livelihood cultivated the fields and raised livestock or fed on the spoils of fishing.

With the passage of time, food, wines and sweets have taken up more and more space in the traditional cuisine of the place.

When we talk about the food and wine sector, we must remember some important peculiarities of these areas, starting from the wine of the local wineries, passing through the meat, cold cuts, cheeses and fish, to get to honey and delicious desserts.

Typical dishes, bread and sweets

Among the important dishes in addition to the “famous roast suckling pig”, we remember “Sa Pratzida” what is also called “Sardinian pizza”.

An ancient recipe handed down from family to family that was cooked on the occasion of the preparation of homemade bread.

This recipe, based on bread and stuffed with vegetables (aubergines, tomatoes) was served as a single dish.

Among the typical first courses to remember there is fregola with both land and sea condiments and remember not to miss the traditional culurgiones (a ravioli-like pasta stuffed with potatoes, pecorino cheese and mint).

Speaking of the sea, prawns and lobster are always very welcome.

Moving to Feraxi, in the municipality of Muravera, we must mention the well-known “Peschiera Feraxi”, a reference point for fishermen who bring the fresh catch of the day and the cooperative that manages it, always guarantees a fresh product from the sea bream farm, sea ​​bass, clams and oysters.

Even the tradition of bread making is not far behind, in fact the “pane carasau”, the “pane guttiau” and “su pistoccu” are very characteristic.

Sardinian sweets certainly cannot be missing. Among the most popular we must remember the “fried raviolini” filled with ricotta and the “Gueffus”, small balls of almond paste.

Don’t forget the dessert. In fact, you will have the opportunity to try the well-known “seadas” made with delicious cheese and honey.

The olive oil tradition is also very important with the famous extra virgin olive oil from the San Tomas company.

We cannot fail to mention the famous limoncello and myrtle liqueurs of the famous Bresca Dorata company and various producers of honey of all qualities.

Wine tradition

Sarrabus also carries on a beautiful winemaking tradition with its own vines.

Of the local production of the cellars of Castiadas, we can certainly mention the classic “Cannonau Capo Ferrato”, the rosé and the reserve.

Among the white wines we remember the classic Vermentino “Praidis” and the superior “Notteri”.

Moving to another vineyard, and more precisely on the estates in the municipality of San Vito, we meet the Cantine Luna Lughente with their cannonau “Lùndaras”, “Coloru”, “Nannai”.

See you soon.

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