Safe & Clean Extra, the safety protocol for the sector, the result of our experience

The reopening of non-hotel accommodations to tourists, on the one hand, gives new confidence to operators in the sector but, at the same time, entails the need to take into account a series of activities related to security protocols and, more generally, to change its operations to transmit security to its customers.

Customer safety comes first

As Property Manager, during the lockdown we used our experience to create our own version of the security protocol to be used in our facilities.

We called it Safe & Clean Extra.

We immediately realized what value in the material produced and as organizers of Extra – Italian Exhibition of Vacation rental Tourism, now in its third edition, we have made it a Kit to support in a simple, but correct way, all the operators of the sector.

The prescriptions of the World Health Organization foresee that the hospitality operators in this situation must have organizational tools such as a documented and traceable Self-Control Plan, necessary to be able to carry out work for tourists safely and also reduce responsibilities inherent in the contingent moment.

The Contents of Safe & Clean Extra

To this end, the Safe & Clean Extra Kit contains the tools necessary to acquire an Auto-Control Plan specifically studied on the activity of the Extra-Hotel operator.

In particular, it includes:

  • the Guidelines for conducting Extra-Hotel activities in Covid-19 post-emergency safety
  • the Operating Procedures and Check-lists to be used
  • the Communication Material for Guests in Italian and English
  • the online training course for operators and collaborators with certificate of participation

This is an extremely useful kit as it has already been conceived and designed on Extra-Hotel realities.

Starting from the indications of the World Health Observatory, from the INAIL documents, from the agreements between trade union organizations and employers, from the documents of the trade associations of the tourism sector, from the Italian and international specialist articles on Covid-19 in the non-hotel tourism sector and on the related best practices, the Kit combines our specific sector experience to obtain an extremely useful document for operators.

In fact, it represents a practical, simple, operational and, at the same time, complete guide for the realization of the Self-Control System necessary for carrying out the extra-hotel activity in safety for themselves, for guests, for collaborators and for their family members and, more generally for the territory.

A document, unique at a national level, highly requested by operators and territories because it is necessary to have this important part of the tourist offer under control.

All our facilities follow our Safe & Clean Extra protocol so that the current critical situation of the pandemic does not cause any problems for our guests.

For a greater detail of the material and the project:

Until next time


Maurizio Battelli

Ceo Sardinia Co-Hosting Srl

Sardinia Property Managers Italy Delegate

Extra President

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