Journey into the Sarrabus, to discover the ancient secrets of the local inhabitants

The Sarrabus territory is still uncontaminated, wild and authentic. Before seeing signs of city life, you will cross roads surrounded by a mountainous landscape, rich in vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub.

As soon as you arrive at the entrance to the small villages of this area, you will immediately realize that they have nothing to do with the big cities that you left behind after your departure.

These countries are like a block in their own right, each of them has its own strong identity that finds reason in the attachment that people have for their place of birth, for their customs and for their culture.

You will meet people who may seem cold and very rigid to you. This is a characteristic trait of the inhabitants of Sarrabus, with which you will have to become familiar during your stay.
But before you can see this aspect negatively, you will soon realize that hospitality is at home.

The Sarrabus, as you may have guessed, is made up of various municipalities.

Between neighboring countries there is no real parochialism but a healthy competition and attachment to one’s origins as already mentioned above.

The locals have always lived on sheep farming, agriculture and crafts, they are very proud of their work, tradition and culture. They would never abandon their flock and their fields for something else. They carry out their work with great sacrifice, but also with great passion and devotion.

In these territories it is possible to meet the legendary beauty of the Sardinian woman, black hair and deep dark eyes are the distinctive DNA of these local beauties. Not only external beauty, but a cultural beauty, which still today can be found in women who weave wool on ancient traditional looms, a tangible sign of the presence of a timeless past.

The entire territory has a matriarchal history, where women, since ancient times, were used to governing, guiding and managing every activity. Thanks to her strong character, her tenacity and hard work, the woman has earned everyone’s respect.

The men of these areas are hard workers. They mainly deal with the cultivation of fields and fishing.

Their very dark complexion is due to the many hours spent under the sun at work and not at the beaches.

See you soon.

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