Events and festivals in the Sarrabus

The Sarrabus area organizes numerous events in the name of folklore, tradition and good food.


In the summer period July-August it is possible to participate in the handicraft and agro-food exhibition with artifacts and typical products of the local culture.

The municipality organizes the “citrus festival” every year, an important showcase for citrus and local productions. Local producers open their citrus groves for guided tours of the properties. Much appreciated by tourists because in contact with those who work and take care of genuine products every day, which they then resell.

Not only citrus fruits and local products, but also cultural elements with the parade of traditional clothes, with skilfully embellished and hand-embroidered fabrics and the presence of Sardinian jewels worked with the “filigree” technique.

To see the interesting ethnic Carnival of Sardinia “Maskaras”, with the parade of traditional masks and the “Etnotraccas and the Traccas”, the museum floats that reproduce the agro-pastoral life of the past and the Knights of Sarrabus.

With the Muraverese summer events of various kinds follow one another, from music to dance.

San Vito
In this town it is possible to participate and savor “Sa Prazzira or Panada”, in the homonymous festival.

A very good bread-based dish typically stuffed with eggplant and tomatoes or pizza with onions.

Do not miss the festival of sa pezz’e craba, a highly prized goat meat for lovers of taste.

A very nice event is the donkey palio, a race with donkeys all of pure Sardinian breed, for elimination, which amuses the little ones a lot.

If you want to get to know a beautiful local musical tradition, you can attend the Launeddas Festival, a musical competition with a particular wind instrument that is difficult to play.

Or, take a stroll in the exhibition market of artisanal products.

For lovers of taste, you cannot miss the festival of ravioli and malloreddus.

The Madonna del Naufrago is an important and particular religious rite celebrated to remember the sailors who disappeared in the Capo Carbonara area, which attracts many tourists.

The statue of Our Lady of the Castaway is a work by the artist Pinuccio Sciola, 3 meters high, made of pink trachyte, deposited 10 meters deep in the stretch of sea that separates Villasimius from the island of Cavoli.

Very impressive is the procession to the sea and the mass celebrated on the bottom at the foot of the statue itself.

For lovers of good taste, do not miss the Sagra di San Raffaele, the patron saint of the town, celebrated in October.

During the day it is an opportunity to buy typical products and local foods, while in the evening you can stroll through the streets animated by songs, dances and fireworks.

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